Jaw Surgery

Sometimes the reason behind crooked teeth and incorrect bites is more to do with the jaw bones themselves, in these cases jaw surgery may be required.

A size discrepancy between your upper and lower jaw may mean that braces alone cannot fix the problem.

In these cases, we involve an Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon and work closely together to find the best solution to correct your jaw positions, fit your teeth together and of course, give you a beautiful smile.

Usually braces are worn for a period of 12 to 18 months before the orthognathic (jaw) surgery takes place. After jaw surgery the braces remain on for another 6 to 12 months depending on your individual case. Orthognathic surgery requires careful planning and a team approach, and we only work with the most highly respected surgeons in Melbourne.


Why choose Western Ortho?


Personalised Care

We are a small orthodontic practice and unlike some of the larger clinics where a dental hygienist carries out much of the work, here you will see Dr Coburn at every appointment. That means she puts the braces on, and monitors you every step of the way, right down to removing them and fitting your retainers.


Calm and Friendly Environment

We know many people are nervous about attending for dental care and the thought of wearing braces or Invisalign can be daunting! We provide a welcoming environment to discuss your concerns and treatment options. Dr Coburn has first-hand knowledge of what life is like with braces as she had treatment quite recently as an adult!


No Hidden Costs

We take full records at your first visit (if required) and can refer you for x-rays that are bulk-billed by Medicare. If we need to see you a second time for further discussion about your teeth, there are no additional fees. If treatment is recommended, we will provide you with a written quote that includes the total fees for all your appliances and appointments.


We offer interest free payment plans

We appreciate that orthodontic care is a big financial investment and we aim to make it as affordable as possible and be transparent about the costs involved.

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