Orthodontic Treatments vary for every patient, at Western Ortho we understand that everyone’s case is different and we tailor an orthodontic plan especially for you.

Express treatment

Our orthodontic treatments include express treatment. We understand that not everybody wants to wear braces for an extended period, so if you have a special event coming up, talk to us about express treatment. Express treatment is suitable for patients who have a good bite and just a few teeth to straighten.

We often recommend express treatment for patients who have had orthodontic treatment in the past and have found that a few teeth have moved and become crooked again.


Early treatment

We recommend that children attend for their first orthodontic consultation at age 7. At this age there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth in the mouth but importantly the first adult molars and the front incisors have erupted, which establish the future bite. Whilst most children will not require treatment at this age, your specialist orthodontist can assess your child’s tooth eruption, facial growth and intercept any serious problems before they occur.

‘Early treatment’ means that treatment is carried out whilst baby teeth are still present in the mouth and the main goal of this intervention is to make orthodontic treatment as a teenager simpler and easier. In some cases, it may eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment altogether. Early treatment includes expanders, plates and “mini-braces” where braces are placed on just a few teeth.

Early treatment may be able to:

  • Improve and guide the growth of your child’s jaw
  • Widen narrow dental arches
  • Create more space for crowded teeth
  • Assist your child stop habits such as thumb-sucking.
  • Help prevent chipped and damaged teeth due to a bad bite
  • Help reduce the chance of adult tooth extractions later in life

Your child may be a candidate for early treatment if they have had:

  • Baby teeth that were lost or extracted too early
  • Problems eating or chewing their food
  • Lower teeth biting outside the upper teeth
  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Noticeably crowded front adult teeth

Early intervention is a special interest of Dr Coburn’s. Rest assured she will carefully assess your child and only recommend early intervention if it is required. Quite often even when problems are identified, she will wait until all the adult teeth grow through before beginning treatment.


Adult treatment

Orthodontic treatments are not just for children and teenagers anymore and there is no upper age limit to having your smile and bite improved, as long as your teeth and gums are healthy.

In fact, more adult patients are taking up treatment these days as they become more aware of the benefits of having a correct bite and aligned teeth. Whether it is function or aesthetics that leads you to treatment, we can help.

Metal braces are not just the only option for you. With Invisalign and crystal-clear ceramic brackets, we can help find a solution that fits in with your lifestyle.

We love to collaborate with other dental professionals and are happy to liaise with your general dentist and other dental specialists to design the ideal treatment plan for you.


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