Clear Aligners, get ready for something great.

Orthodontic treatment is no longer restricted to braces and wires. Clear aligners are the newest way to straighten your teeth and are almost invisible.

Clear Aligners from Invisalign are smooth and comfortable with no wires and metal parts poking your cheeks. We are proud to offer the worlds most advanced clear aligners – Invisalign. Whilst clear aligners are a more recent innovation in orthodontics, they are well researched and a proven method of straightening your teeth. In fact, Invisalign has created over 5 million smiles worldwide!

Invisalign works by wearing customised plastic trays that are worn for up to 2 weeks each, being removed only to eat, brush and floss. The trays gradually move your teeth into their new, aligned positions. Your final tooth positions are determined digitally, and you can see a video of how your teeth will look – before you even start treatment!

Invisalign was previously aimed at adults but is fast becoming a popular option for teenagers too. Many parents are worried that their teens won’t wear the aligners, but in our experience teenagers who are motivated to get a great result do very well. All orthodontic treatment, including braces, requires co-operation from our patients and Invisalign is no different. In fact, some parents love the fact that they don’t need to cook separate meals for their kids as there are less restrictions on what you can eat when wearing Invisalign compared to braces.

Clear aligners are suitable for most, but not all cases. Get in touch with us and Dr Coburn can assess your suitability for Invisalign.


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